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Customer Testimonials

    I'm so glad I went with this company. The cake topper turned out beautifully and they worked with me every step of the way. The hat unfortunately fell off as soon as I opened the package but the seller did their best to package it safely. I can't wait to order another!

    By Liz Gilbreath, from United States

    LOVED our topper!!! It was a huge hit at our wedding and people couldn't stop looking at it and commenting on it. Wecaketoppers rep Daisy was wonderful to work with and it was received quicker than expected. I'm so happy we decided to go with this rather than the typical cake topper and something we would toss out after. This is going on a shelf for display forever! Thank you!!!

    By Michelle Stuart, from United States

    Excellent customer service. Quick communication and super fast shipping. I highly recommend getting your cake toppers from Wecaketoppers. My fiance and I look so much like the dolls!

    By Anna Freud, from United States

    Very interactive process. Daisy has wonderful communications skills and pays close attention to detail and makes sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience and purchase. Definitely will purchase from again! I LOVE MY CUSTOM WEDDING CAKE TOPPER!!!

    By Diana Huynh, from United States

    Wow! Such a cool process! Daisy was amazing at responding to my questions and comments and sending proofs! The actual cake topper is such a cool concept and we can't wait for everyone to see it. Unfortunately, the rope we have on our topper broke during shipping, but the rest is amazing. We were going to buy one for double the price, but are happy we used wecaketoppers instead! It looks very similar to us & the detail is amazing! Thank you!

    By Emma Downing, from United States

    The cake topper was detailed and unique. It was made with good craftsmanship. On short notice (2 weeks before my wedding), Wecaketoppers was still willing to work with me to ensure I receive the item in time for my wedding and it did!

    By faye salazar, from United States

    I KNOW it will be the hit of the wedding reception!!! Came out so stinkin' cute!!! Very easy to work with Daisy!! All done thru photos and e-mail messages!!!

    By Edie Coman, from United States

    It looked GREAT and the shipping was quick! Everyone at the wedding was impressed with the detail!!!!

    By Laura sluzas, from United States

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